Montaña & Associates was originally started in 1999 by attorney John Montaña as an independent records and information management consulting house specializing in domestic and global record retention schedules and other related information governance issues. Shortly after Montaña & Associates’ inception, John Kain joined the business. Over time and through a number of incarnations, Montaña & Associates has grown into a full service consulting firm with four lawyers on staff and a one-stop-shop for all records and information management and governance needs.  Montaña & Associates has a long-standing reputation within the records and information field for integrity, hands-on innovative expertise and thoroughness, which has led to many long-term relationships with clients—many of whom are Fortune 500 companies.  A constant throughout Montaña & Associates’ growth has been the core team members of John Montaña and John Kain both published authors and recognized experts in their fields. The Montaña & Associates team continues to bring experience and forward-thinking approaches to all client engagements.