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The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: Two Information Governance Views (#1)

The Hillary Clinton email brouhaha has in many respects taken front and center in the political arena. But leaving aside the politics of it, there are many records management and information governance aspects of the whole affair that are important and valuable to those of us in the records and information management business, regardless of […]

Kazakhstan Joins the Trend of Data Localization Laws

In November 2015, Kazakhstan passed the so-called Informatization Law, effective January 2016. This law is similar to a law recently enacted in Russia, in that both laws require that databases and record systems containing personal data about citizens of that country be maintained within the boundaries of the country.

European Union Data Privacy Round 2

On December 15, 2015, the European Commission approved a reform of its data privacy regime. The new regime is an attempt by the Commission to rationalize the regulation of data collection and data privacy throughout the European Union.

The MIDAS touch

A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that the Multidimensional Insurance Data Analytics System, or MIDAS, the database used by the Obamacare system, maintains its data permanently. The data in question includes a wide variety of personal information, including insurance applications, personal financial information related to qualification for federal subsidies, and Medicare eligibility information. […]

Records Retention and Cloud–Based Storage

I’m often asked a question that goes something like this: “We’ve moved our records to a cloud-based vendor. How do we implement our records retention schedule on the vendor’s system?”  More often than not, this question involves personnel records and other human resources records, because there’s a big industry of outsourced HR functions, but it […]