The Montaña & Associates Podcast Series features short presentations on specific topics that we’ve come up against over the years. Got a question? We might just have the answer, so check out our list of topics. And, check back regularly, we’ll be adding to the list.

Podcast: What Should be in a Personnel File?
We often get asked about what are the required contents of a personnel file. It’s probably not what you think. Listen to this podcast to find the real answer.

Podcast: Determining the Retention Period When There is No Legal Requirement

A common problem when developing retention schedule is determining how to formulate a retention period in the absence of any legal requirements. This podcast gives you guidance on how to tackle this thorny problem.

Podcast: When does it become a record?
Data often goes through a lot of transformations between the time it comes in the door, and the end of it’s life when it’s purged. Is every iteration of it a record? Only some? Which ones? Listen in for a discussion of how to solve this vexing issue.