Montaña & Associates offers a full range of records and information management and governance solutions. Please click the services listed below for more detailed information on our offerings.

Global and Domestic Retention Schedule Development

The backbone of a defensible records and information management program is an organization’s retention schedule. Montaña & Associates is the leader and respected authority in the development of both domestic and global retention schedules. Having developed over 350 schedules in a broad array of industries, our experience is unsurpassed. We can assist your organization in the creation of a comprehensive, state of the art schedule meeting all regulatory and operational requirements, as well as configurability within technological capabilities and limitations. Let us use our deep experience to guide your company in this vital step toward compliance.  Call or email us now for a free Schedule Development estimate.

Global Privacy Compliance Specialists

Privacy and data localization compliance continues to be an ever-growing concern for organizations as they increasingly utilize technology in their business processes. Increased stringency of privacy laws (particularly in Europe and Asia) are creating new challenges in the global marketplace and the recent rollout of HIPAA requirements to non-healthcare business organization in the United States have all demanded vital attention be given to these privacy issues. Montaña & Associates has helped hundreds of clients navigate this ever-changing and complex landscape.  Call or email us now for information on a Privacy Compliance Assessment.

Technology Tools Assessment and Acquisition

Information management and governance tools come in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of price points. Choosing the one that will effectively manage your records and other electronic information in the way that you need it managed can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong tool can be a costly and painful mistake.  It is important to match the capabilities of the tool(s) to the needs and requirements of your organization.  Too many companies are interested in the sale (and what they think will be a quick fix), not a real and sustainable solution.  Montaña & Associates has deep experience in analyzing these tools, matching them against an organization’s requirements and determining the best and most cost effective choice.  Call or email us now for information on a Technology Tools Assessment.

Policies and Procedures Development

An effective Records and Information Management program requires strong and clear policies and procedures to guide the actions of personnel implementing the program. Montaña & Associates has a long history of policy development and will assist your organization in creating strong, clear and comprehensive policies and procedures to direct your personnel in the implementation of your governance program. Call or email us now for information on a Policies and Procedures Assessment.

Records and Information Management Program Compliance and Development

Whether your organization’s Records and Information Management (RIM) Program is well established and needs minor adjustments or updating or whether you need to develop a RIM program from the ground up, Montaña & Associates can meet your needs. Let us help your organization grow a legally defensible RIM program. Call or email us now for more information on RIM Program services.

Maturity Assessment (GARP Specialists)

Often, the hardest part of any information governance initiative is identifying the current state of a RIM program’s maturity measured against the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP or The Principles) and determining an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. In turn we can then identify the causes and remedies of the deficiencies or gaps. Some of the questions we look to answer during a Maturity Assessment are—Does an organization have the proper RIM personnel in place, supported by the proper chain of command/department? Are there coherent and best practices Records and Information Management policies and procedures available and implemented? Does an organization have a functioning and legally compliant Record Retention Schedule?  Until these and other questions are answered, planning for larger initiatives cannot be completed. Montaña & Associates can assist in developing this understanding. We offer in-depth and detailed gap analysis services, unique to each client and each situation, which will permit the organization to address the problems at hand, find appropriate remediation and develop a strategy for moving forward. Call or email us now for more information on our GARP Assessments.

Legacy Records Guidance

One of the most difficult questions facing businesses and organizations today is what to do with poorly identified, poorly managed legacy records—whether they be in paper or electronic form. Businesses are often faced with trying to organize and disposition boxes and boxes of records or gigabytes and gigabytes (or even terabytes) of information. More times than not normal rules of classification and disposition do not apply, as the prohibitive cost of manually sorting (if this is even possible) through large record and data sets stops the process before it begins.

The lack of coherent and rational identification of these legacy records makes even a manual sorting process tedious and challenging. Because of these roadblocks organizations generally lack the confidence to implement a course of action. Montaña & Associates can assist in developing strategies to analyze these data sets and create defensible management and disposition processes that will avoid the frequently unsustainable costs of managing them through regular methods. Call or email us now for information on our Legacy Records services.