Montaña & Associates’ personnel are the best in the business. The core team has worked together for more than 15 years, which contributes to seamless client engagements and a very high client satisfaction rate. Please take some time to find out more about each team member and their particular expertise.

John Montaña J.D., FAI

John MontanaMr. Montaña is one of the foremost attorneys in the global records and information management field.


Mr. Montaña has long been considered the go-to attorney on all domestic and global records and information management (RIM) issues. His reputation and standing within the RIM community is unsurpassed. He is a highly sought-after speaker and has spent many years on the lecture circuit as well as many hours producing books, articles, white papers and podcasts on a variety of important RIM topics. He was recently elected as a Company of Fellows ARMA International member, was a sitting panelist on the GARP (Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles) development committee and continues to be thoroughly involved in consulting projects with Montaña & Associates.

Specialties, Publications and Speaking

  • Litigation Readiness
  • Privacy
  • Record Retention Scheduling and Analysis
  • Discovery
  • Compliance
  • RIM Governance Policies and Procedures


John Kain MA

JohnKainMr. Kain offers 17 years of information governance consulting and retention scheduling expertise.


Mr. Kain has been in the records management and information governance field since 1998 and began his tenure with Montaña & Associates at that time. He has worked closely with John Montaña in all aspects of retention scheduling, records management and international law research. He is a member of ARMA, AHIMA and AIIM and the author of numerous articles and other publications.

Specialties and Publications

    • Record Retention Schedules
    • Domestic and International Law Research
    • Project Management
    • Current State Assessments (Gap Analysis)


Galina Datskovsky PH.D., CRM, FAI

GalinaDr. Datskovsky, a Certified Records Manager, is a world renowned expert in information governance and technologies.


Dr. Galina Datskovsky was recently Senior Vice President of Information Governance at Autonomy, an HP Company. She serves on the board and is a past President of ARMA International. Formerly she was Senior Vice President of Architecture at CA Technologies, responsible for corporate-wide architecture and design initiatives, General Manager of the Information Governance Business Unit and a Distinguished Engineer. Dr. Datskovsky is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) and is recognized around the world as an expert in records management and associated technologies.


    • Information Governance
    • Compliance and Records Management
    • Information Technologies,
    • SAAS Platforms
    • Big Data/ Dark Data Processing
    • Team Builder and Leader

Brenda Barnhill J.D.

BrendaBarnhillAttorney Ms. Barnhill offers 21 years of experience in the accounting, legal and information governance fields.


Ms. Barnhill has followed her business and accounting degrees with a law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School. She began her accounting career in 1994 and her law career in 2012. She has been a Division Controller for Core-Mark International ($135 million in annual sales), a Controller for HIJK/ and an operational and financial manager for the acquisition and start-up of Specialty Pharmacies, Inc.  Ms. Barnhill is currently Director of Legal Research for Montaña & Assocaites


    • Financial and Operational Analysis and Compliance
    • Domestic and International Legal Research
    • Risk Management Requirements, particularly Tax Auditing and SOX Issues

Ilona Koti, MLS, MS IM, CRM

 Ilona is a Certified Records Manager and C-Level global subject matter expert with 22 years in libraries and information governance services.


Ilona Koti, MLS, MS IM, CRM, PMP, CDIA Ms. Koti is a C-Level global subject matter expert with 22 years in libraries and information governance encompassing privacy, technology, compliance, risk, security, legal & eDiscovery and project management for Fortune 500 clients, non-profits and international governments. Strategic, self-motivated innovative leader & trusted resource, able to discreetly analyze complex situations and develop customized client-based enterprise solutions with solid implementation for tangible & lasting results. Board member, teaching fellow, speaker, published writer & consultant.


    • Information Governance
    • Privacy & Risk
    • Due Diligence & Research
    • Compliance
    • Strategic Intelligence
    • Change Management · Knowledge & Records Management · Disaster Recovery · Business & Strategic Planning · Policy/Procedure Development · Project Management · eDiscovery · Accomplished Researcher & Published Writer

Robert Johnson MA

Robert-JohnsonMr. Johnson is the lead legal analyst for domestic information governance laws.


Mr. Johnson comes to Montaña & Associates via the insurance industry and academia; with an emphasis on compliance and domestic regulatory issues. He continues those themes in his work at Montaña & Associates.


    • Insurance and Financial Information Governance
    • Domestic Legal Research
    • General Business Issues

Ann Samek, CRA

Ms. Samek is a Certified Records Analyst and Senior Information Governance Consultant with over 15 years experience in the IG field.


Ms. Samek has been helping clients track, organize and find their critical information in a variety of industries for many years. She has worked in conducting program analysis and providing recommendations for records management and developing administrative systems (ex: record classification and retention systems), providing training in electronic document management systems, assisting clients and coordinating records inventory and audits for active and inactive records.


    • IG Analysis and Needs Assessment
    • Legacy Record Remediation
    • Change Management
    • Project Management
    • Develop work scope, critical requirements, and timeline
    • Perform interviews with departments and business units, capturing document types and processes.
    • Research legal requirements and apply to functional classification retention schedules
    • New or redesign of detailed information control tools such as taxonomies, classification schemes, retention schedules, and indices
    • Development of records management training programs and policy implementation

Ken Radtke, MA

KenRadtkeMr. Radtke brings 30 years of experience to his Senior Client Relationship Manager role.


Mr. Radtke’s background is one of executive leadership in multi-billion dollar RIM companies culminating at the subsidiary presidency level.  His experience includes Records & Information Management/Governance consultancy Sales, Business Development, Client and Project Management; RIM Organization Design, Structure and Implementation and Cost Mitigation Analysis and Implementation. He also has two decades of in-depth banking experience with US and global institutions in the arena of commercial, and distressed lending.


  • Enterprise Client Relationship management
  • Records management and Information Governance Management
  • RIM Third Party Provider Management Focused on Risk & Cost Mitigation

Angela Mastera

Mrs. Mastera brings over 12 years of experience in executive administrative support. Angela’s focus is on process improvement, event planning and marketing.


Mrs. Mastera is an Executive Administrator/Marketing Specialist, specializing in information governance and retention schedule management. She is focused on process improvement, administrative support, trade show coordination, and project management.


    • Project Management
    • Process Development
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Event Coordination
    • Organization

Rebecca Renz,

Ms. Renz is a Research Analyst specializing in European information Governance law.


Ms. Renz is in her 2nd year of law studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich, Germany.



    • European Information Governance Law Research
    • European Privacy Laws Research
    • European Data Localization Laws Research

Caren Caldwell

Ms. Caldwell is a Senior Research Analyst specializing in North American information Governance law.


Ms. Caldwell is …..



    • North American Information Governance Law Research
    • Laws Trends Analysis
    • Human Resources Laws Specialist